Advanced Infusion Therapy

Hands-on training on Central line skills and management


This program will focus on the day to day advance infusion related topics to help navigate the attending individual in achieving competencies in the specified skills. Infusion therapy, being an area commonly associated with nursing negligence, calls for the needs to educate nurses and students, not only about their legal responsibilities and limitations, but to equip them with the needed day to day skills.
At GCN we pride ourselves in providing an uptodate education and hands-on infusion training for healthcare professional in all healthcare settings. Our programs consist of didactic sessions, visual aids, demonstrations and practice sessions.


At the end of the Course, attendee will learn:

  • Types of Venous Access Devices
  • Differentiate between Peripheral line, Midline, PICC and Central Venous Access Devices (CVADs)
  • Infusion in acute settings and alternate settings e.g Home Health, Doctor’s offices e.t.c
  • Central line complications
  • Measures to prevent catheter related blood stream infections e.g (CLABSI)
  • Site Care and dressing changes
  • Flushing and Locking Protocols
  • Blood specimen collection from CVADs
  • Prevention and management of line occlusion
  • PICC and Non-tunneled Central line Removal
  • Obtaining cultures in infusion related infections
  • Accessing and De-accessing venous Ports (Port a Cath) (RNs only)
  • Documentation guidelines

Who should attend this class:

  • RNs and LVNs
  • Nurses/Clinicians in acute, home health, skilled facilities etc who wish to improve their IV skills.
  • Nurses/clinicians who wish to learn/practice Central lines, PICC & midline care and maintenance.
  • RNs and LVNs re-entering the workforce.
  • New graduate nurses(GNs/GVNs) and senior nursing students.


Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm
Cost: $235

$ 50 extra for Accessing & De accessing Port a Cath ( RNs only)
At the end of the class, student will receive a Certificate of Completion and a Competency Check – off List showing the mastery of the learned IV skills

Course Cost:


Class Schedules:

January 11,2019 Done
February 22, 2019 Done
March 15, 2019 Done
April 12, 2019 Done
May 10, 2019 Done
June 7, 2019 Done
July 12, 2019 Done
August 9, 2019 Done
September 13, 2019 Done
November 15, 2019 Unavailable
December 13, 2019

Efforts are made to keep class schedules. However, there might be some variations, so please call to verify dates. If unable to meet above dates, a one on one class may be available at extra cost.
Call: 713-946-3377 for a one on one class availability.