Nurse Aide Training Program

Nurse Aide Training Program

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1. Nurse Aide Training Program

Approvals and Regulation

Gulf Coast Nursing Career Institute, a division of Gulf Coast Nursing Services Inc., is a Nurse Aide Training Program Approved and Regulated by Texas Career Schools and Colleges
(Under Title 3, Texas Education Code, Chapter 132, and Title 40, Texas Administrative Code, Chapter 807 by the TEXAS WORKFORCE COMMISSION.)

Please direct unresolved grievances to:
Texas Workforce Commission
Career Schools and Colleges, Room 226T
101 East 15th Street
Austin, Texas 78778- 0001


The nurse aide training program is a 6-week course – 5 weeks in class and 1 week on clinical (3 days a week for class schedule and a full week for clinical). Every student is expected to complete the entire course curriculum in order to graduate. A certificate of completion will be issued to students upon graduation. In order to practice in the state of Texas, students must take the final Nurse Aide competency Examination administered by Texas Health and Human Services( HHSC) through Prometric Nurse Aide competency Examination Services . Upon passing the Examination, the student will be listed in the Nurse Aide Registry.

Class Schedules

Six- week program

Since the COVID-19, GCN Career Institute is providing the Nurse Aide Program using the Hybrid training model.

Virtual classes are given through meetings via zoom.

Meeting Days: Mondays,  Wednesdays,  Fridays

Morning session;  11:00 am -12:30 pm,

  Evening session; To watch recorded morning meetings.
Students to choose one session each day that fits their schedules.

Clinical Hours:  Students are provided opportunity to observe and practice skills and technique required to safely provide basic nursing care to multiple clients in long-term healthcare settings.

Cost: $870
Partial Payment $200

Tel: 713-946-3377
Location: 8876 Gulf Freeway Suite 240 Houston, Texas 77017

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Course Outcome

Students will describe the role and responsibility of a nurse aide in long term and acute care facilities. Students will accurately describe and demonstrate the appropriate skills required to assist clients with activities of daily living and also care for clients with complex medical conditions. Students will demonstrate acceptable communication and interpersonal skills. Students will correctly list types of healthcare facilities, describe common beliefs about aging, list signs of aging, and explain the rights of the elderly. Students will correctly demonstrate proper handwashing techniques, using personal protective equipment (PPE), identify when to implement isolation precautions, demonstrate acceptable communication and interpersonal skills.

Entrance /Admission Requirement

Enrollment begins three months prior to the beginning of class. All prospective students must meet all admission requirements for acceptance into the nurse aide training program.

    1. Either a High school Diploma or GED, or completed eight grade Education.
    2. If none of these is available, students will be issued a placement test at no cost.

    3. Applicants must be 18 years and above. If less than 18 years, a Parental signature is required.

During the course of the program, a grade of 75% or higher is expected to be maintained throughout in order to advance in the course of study; and all courses must be completed in a sequence of the program curriculum.

Applicants seeking Re-admission /Re-entry into the program must complete a fresh application and undergo the admission process.

Graduation Requirement

In order to graduate, the student must successfully complete all course work listed in the curriculum within 6 weeks. Must maintain a grade of 75% or above   

Employment Opportunities

      1. Acute care hospitals
      2.  Convalescent Hospitals (Long Term Care, Skilled Nursing)
      3.  Home care Agencies
      4.  Outpatient clinics
      5.  Doctor’s offices
      6. Group home/Assisted living facilities
      7. Private duty /sitter and companion




Payment Plan (Down Payment):